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Dear Lord, help me discern a sacrifice for our capital campaign that is a meaningful and joyful response to your gift of eternal life. Give me the courage, peace, and wisdom to trust your promise to always provide, and lead me to commit my support to your soul saving work through our church and school.

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (Ephesians 4:4-6)

Please read the Case Statement or check out the project FAQs. Additionally, please view Our Stories for testimonials regarding Peace's space issues.

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What Happens When Our Church Is Too Full?

Marc & Allison Schweiger and their two children, Dax and Lyv, joined Peace in the summer of 2014. Already they are very involved here. Allison teaches Sunday school and Marc serves on the Board of Outreach. They had visited Peace several years ago but decided not to join then. What discouraged them from joining right away? Here's their story:

In early summer 2012 my wife and I were currently living in Waunakee and were attending St. Andrew in Middleton when we bought a house in Sun Prairie. We decided to go to the WELS churches in Sun Prairie and the surrounding area to see which one we wanted to switch membership to. The Sunday service we attended at Peace Lutheran Church was packed near-full when we arrived and we ended up sitting on the wooden chairs at the back of the church. After the service my wife and I decided that while we would rather attend Peace because of its vicinity to our home, it seemed the church was just too full of people and that this congregation does not really need our membership or our offerings. While we were happy to see God blessing Peace with a full church, it did turn us away from membership, at least for a while. So instead we became members at Eastside in Madison. About 2 years later when we were contemplating what school we wanted our children to attend, we decided to try Peace again. We had a similar experience, but decided Peace was best for our family anyway. In the summer of 2014 Allison and I joined Peace as full-time members.

We ending up coming back to Peace, but I wonder how many visitors/unchurched have come to a nearly packed sanctuary and decided not to come again because of it?

Q: What happened to our last Capital Appeal?
A: The It Is Time campaign was planned to cover calendar years 2014 and 2015. While contributions have continued to come in well into 2016, October 2, 2016 marks the official end of the It Is Time campaign. Peace members are asked to cease contributing "over-and-above" gifts at this time. Instead, Peace members ought to devote themselves to a complete understanding of where we are now--the One Christ... Campaign provides a clear path forward for our congregation. Peace members should spend the month of October prayerfully considering their involvement in, and contributions to it.

Q: Was the last appeal a success?
A: Yes. The goal of the two-year It Is Time program was to reduce our debt. Praise be to God, Peace members have succeeded in that goal. A total of $407,195 has been contributed to It Is Time, which has all been used to reduce the principal of Peace's total debt. This amount in turn generates an estimated $191,000 in interest saved over the next 10 years.

Q: How much does Peace currently owe?

The current balance on Peace Lutheran's mortgage is approximately $630,000. If the expansion project proceeds as expected, we anticipate that the existing mortgage would be refinanced along with the construction loan in January, 2019. At that time, the mortgage balance is projected to be approximately $500,000.

Along with the mortgage, Peace also carries a line of credit with our bank. Of the $350,000 credit limit, there is currently no balance outstanding. This line of credit is used judiciously, mainly to cover cash-flow trends that arise from tuition receipts coming largely in a lump sum, in August, and operating expenses being more smoothly allocated across the entire fiscal year.

This is the only debt that Peace has on its books. There is some internal borrowing where cash is temporarily "borrowed" from a designated account to fund more immediate needs. On occasion, the congregation does this type of internal borrowing so that it does not need to carry any additional principal balance on the line of credit, which results in an additional interest expense that is paid to the bank. In 2015, Peace repaid much of this internal borrowing following the sale of the land at the Windsor Street property.

Q: Why is it important that I submit a pledge?
A: One of the main reasons we make a pledge and not simply contribute as we go is so that the congregation can appropriately plan. With better information on gifts that might be received and the timing of those gifts, we can make better decisions. Granted, the offerings may come in without a pledge, however without a good understanding of the pledged amounts, we might make the wrong decisions in the short-run and limit our ability to influence our Mission.

Q: What we will do if we don't commit the number in the goal? What we will we do if we commit more than that?

The project needs a minimum amount of $1.5 Million pledged in this campaign to make the numbers work for the whole $4.5 Million project. (We expect to derive roughly $2 Million from income from the Early Childhood Learning Center and the sale of our current building, and the congregation could service an additional $1 Million in new construction debt.) If we don't realize the minimum $1.5 Million we'll have to scale back the project.

Anything pledged over the $1.5 Million will go to reduce the debt on the project. Any pledged amounts up to $2.5 Million would go to the debt the congregation is responsible for. Anything over $2.5 Million would go to the debt that the children's learning center is scheduled to repay through tuition. Wouldn't it be nice to pay the whole debt off so that the Early Childhood Learning Center income could be spent on expanded ministry of the church and school instead of debt repayment?

Q: Why do we need the expansion for the Church and School?

Peace has currently maxed-out its available space at both the Windsor Street and Stonehaven campuses. By expanding, we can unite our entire ministry on a single campus, and it positions the congregation to continue to reach out and serve our fast-growing community with the message of the Gospel.

Specifically, adding space will allow us to:

  • Move the worship services into a larger space at the Stonehaven campus
  • Expand the school to meet our growing enrollment (currently at 150 students)
  • Move the Pre-K and Kindergarten program from the basement of the Windsor Street building to the Stonehaven campus
  • Add Child Care to the Pre K program to form a year-round Early Childcare Learning Center

Q: How many square feet are we adding?

In the new addition, we will be adding a total of 27,593 square feet as follows:

Purpose Square Feet
Church multi-purpose room, church offices, kitchen 10,136
School classrooms 6,412
Stage 2,650
ECLC 8,395
Total Addition 27,593

Q: What is the capacity of the Worship area?

The maximum expected capacity of the multi-purpose area that will serve as the sanctuary is 296 souls.  Weekdays during the school year, it will be configured for combined worship and school cafeteria use, with a capacity of 130 (worship) and 96 (cafeteria). By way of comparison, our current sanctuary at Windsor Street has a capacity of 250.

Q: How many new classrooms are being added?

Four new classrooms are being added for school use. This will allow for one classroom per grade (K-8) plus an additional multi-purpose room for music and other uses.

Q: Parking is an issue at Windsor Street. How many parking spots will be at Stonehaven?

The new Stonehaven campus will have 159 parking spots with this expansion and the potential for 221 parking spots in the future. For comparison, our current lot at the Windsor Street campus has only 80 parking spots.

Q: Besides the classroom what other additions are included in the school?

In addition to the classroom space, we are adding the following space for school purposes:

  • A larger cafeteria for students
  • A kitchen and dry storage area
  • A stage to be shared between the school and Early Childhood Learning Center
  • Additional storage areas under the Early Childhood Learning Center and 4 classrooms

Q: Why are we tearing down the storage shed?

The Building Committee worked with the architect for many hours exploring several other options. However, for multiple reasons this floor plan clearly without any doubt was the best despite having to tear down the shed.  It is important to note that while we are losing the storage shed, we are not losing the storage space as it will be built into the lower level of both the south and east wings.

Q: Who is on the Building Committee?

Check the Building Committee Communication board in the Narthex for a complete list of the individuals.

Q: What is the timeline for the project?

In a project of this size, dates are likely to change slightly over the course of the project. Currently the expected project timeline is as follows:

Key Milestone Expected Date
Start Construction Documents 1/3/17
City Council Approval 2/14/17
State Approval 4/21/17
Start Construction 10/1/17
Construction Completed 7/15/18
Classrooms Ready 8/1/18
School Starts 8/24/18 (Estimated)

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Dear Lord, help me discern a sacrifice for our capital campaign that is a meaningful and joyful response to your gift of eternal life. Give me the courage, peace, and wisdom to trust your promise to always provide, and lead me to commit my support to your soul saving work through our church and school.

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (Ephesians 4:4-6)

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