Label Programs - Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church & School
Label Programs

L4E, BT4E, Milk Moola. This may sound like a secret language, but for Peace Lutheran School, these code names mean extra funds collected from school families, church members, family and friends that can be used to purchase or redeem much needed supplies for our school.

L4E or Labels for Education are labels cut off of items such as Campbell's soup cans or Goldfish crackers to name a few. The points on each label add up for the school to select items such as sporting equipment, art and school supplies.

BT4E or Box Tops for Education are labels cut off of specially marked products such as Betty Crocker baking products, General Mills cereal boxes and Ziplock baggies, for example. They are each worth 10 cents for our school. Each year approx. $2,000 is earned through these labels. This has been used to purchase tricycles for the preschool, risers for school programs, etc.

Lastly, Milk Moola involves simply collecting the caps or bag tops from Milk Moola marked products and for each cap/bag top redeemed, Kwik Trip will give the school 5 cents. Five or ten cents may seem insignificant, but with everyone collecting, the amounts accumulate quickly.

For lists of participating L4E or BT4E products, please visit or The labels and caps can be placed in the marked bins on the shelves in the coat closet next to the church entrance. Please collect and help our school!