5 Reel Pokies To Play Here And Now

5 Reel Pokies To Play Here And Now

Have you been playing pokies for a long time or have you just started to comprehend the world of gambling? In any case, you need to get acquainted with different types of slots. They differ in many ways, including the number of paylines and reels. This does not affect the bounty of the pokie, but it does affect its mechanics. You decide which pokie you are interested in, but to decide you need to try everything. One of the most popular types is 5 reel pokies. We will tell you how they differ and in which casinos you can find such pokie!

Playing on 5 reels pokies

You can play these slots in almost every casino in Australia: there is always a large selection and constant arrivals of new products. But you should start with the most trusted clubs, where you can definitely feel the charm of the pokie game. These casinos include:

  • Ignition
  • PlayAmo
  • El Royale
  • Aussie Play etc.

Pokies are mainly divided into two types: 3 reels and 5 reels. 5 reels pokies are more complex and intense, they have an increased number of winning combinations, and the gameplay is smoother and more advanced. But the number of reels affects more than just the look of the pokie.

Such slots have existed for more than one century, but during this time they have undergone some changes. The first pokie had 3 reels and only 5 symbols. This toy was incredibly popular, but the first video slots appeared only in 1976, and then the history of popular casinos in Las Vegas began.

Today there are many pokie games with 5 different types of reels: video slots, 3D slots, and MegaSpin. It is believed that such pokies have a higher level of interactivity and give better chances of winning.

5 reels — how does it work

5 reels pokie is a perfect system that was created based on 3 reels pokie. It featured 50 different symbols that rotated every time the player pressed the lever. Since then, nothing has changed: the lever has been replaced by a button, and the symbols can now be not only classic card symbols but literally any, at the discretion and imagination of the creators. Initially, the prize in the slot could even be a gift, for example, a mug of beer, but now it is only money. 5 reels pokie can have a different number of paylines, this also affects the chances of winning. In any case, be sure to check the RTP of the pokie and its bonus features in order to accurately realize all the chances of winning and the jackpot.

If you want to try all the pokies available, you definitely need to pay attention to 5 reel slots. They work differently than 3 reel slots and have much more fun mechanics. They even have more characters that are interesting to consider in order to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game. And to play proven cool slots, choose among ready-made reviews of 5 reel pokies that we have prepared for you.